Reactors in Nebraska might “blow”

Now I read that there is a great possibility that we might have a Fukashima right here… in Nebraska. The floods are entering two plants that were cleverly built in the flood plain, and even though the levies were blown on purpose, someone neglected to remember that there was a nuclear reactor in the area.

Now, it is said, we have issues. They were refueling the plant as well. What I dearly love about the govt is there impeccable communications. They talk to each other about as well as me and my X.

Now we have issues that they are not telling anyone… the Russians know about it. The New York Times does not. Or, they are not allowed to print it.

The Drudge Report

used to be on top of all this, but they are nearly mainstream now as well, not reporting, not updating, keeping mum about all that is happening. is still hitting hard and telling what needs to be told… bye, bye Drudge Report.

If you have more information, no, I mean really… send it in, we will get it out.

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