What Kinda Jackasses work for the TSA?


This groping, checking the poop in baby diapers, and singling out a special needs adult because he had adult diapers is NOT protecting this country, but it IS creating chaos and fear. What jerk would work for that agency knowing everyone hates them… losers, that’s who. Sex perverts, no really, they have caught agents that were sex molesters, background checks are not needed in the TSA.

Most are over weight minorities with an axe to grind, and not very sharp. A toy hammer is NOT a weapon.

…and not even Janet Napolitano will walk through one of those scanners. The TSA is unaccountable, and more to the point, they are doing nothing to help with safety. Did it ever occur to anyone that they can SAY anything they like, but proving it is another thing. I made 24 touch downs in highschool, and I ws the captain of the team, and the cheerleaders loved me… yeah, right.
They don’t even talk to themselves. Imagine hiring someone, and then having no control over them at all. None.

This is a runaway agency that has to be terminated from public service, They are costing a fortune, and providing no worth whatsoever.

This is nuts, and why the local sheriff’s are not arresting these jerks is beyond me. The TSA is refusing to tell congress what the levels of radiation are on those machines. Noted physicists are saying the levels are dangerously high, and Sandia National Labs has endorsed that concern.

Why are they being allowed to run amok like this?? Why?

This is criminal behavior, not professional.

Have at it there “buddy”, saving America is hard work, eh?

TSAThe head of TSA lies to the public… should she not be removed from office for such blatant misrepresentations?

The kicker here is, she is also risking the health of her own “agents”. They will get sick and have serious issues very soon. She has no more respect for her own staff than for the public she claims to “protect”. Need we also mention that she will NOT walk through a scanner herself. One might keep that in mind before entering these machines that unravels the DNA. Not to mention, again, that Napolitano refuses to release to congress any information on the test results of these machines.


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