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WHO is this guy? Elect him to anything!!!

I would vote for this man ANY time. He could not have been more candid. Too bad this is not typical. The government is scaring old people into thinking they will not get paid… guess what… no matter what happens, … Continue reading

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Smart Meters are monitoring your LIFE, not just your electric

This is a greater invasion of privacy than you think! This is a surveillance device.

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Banksters and 25 Reasons to Hate them

25 Reasons To Absolutely Despise Bankers And Their Minions 1) Bankers, according to the London Times, launder about 400 billion dollars a year or more in illegal weapons sales. The next time you hear of an African war lord killing … Continue reading

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Heat Map

But it’s a “dry” heat…

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Obama Drama

Ron Paul on the Budget… the FED debt is not real… simply dismiss it and move on. Genius!!     Here is a video that should be taken seriously. Something is wrong here, and we have all seen it. Obama … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Petitions

Hello, Please click on the link below to get informed about the forced installation of “smart” or wireless meters on or in your home or property (with our without your consent).  Then please sign the petition. Thank you for taking … Continue reading

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Why should you oppose Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are unsafe… find out why. If we were asked to drink sewer water would we? I am hoping not. Yet we let these meters be installed that emit high pulses of radiation, and we wonder why we are … Continue reading

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