TSA Caught Stealing

This article proves why you have to question everything that these clowns ask of you. They are hiring sex offenders, theives and liars… remember the TSA agent that put bags of white powder in peoples luggage and scared them?

No one should have a job where they are not accountable. Now, you have to ask yourself… if this man stole over $50,000.00 worth of goods as a TSA “agent”, someone had to have complained… and the TSA simply ignored this “civilian noise”.

Something is wrong when there is no inclination to listen to the public. We are terrorists, and the scum of the earth to these “federal agents” that are hired with no background checks at all. But what the hell, they are highly “trained” and will rummage through a baby diaper before stopping a muslim carrying an M-16.

Now they are saying that their “intel” is telling them that someone is supposed to try smuggling in bombs in body cavities… therefore, we all should be prepared to “bend and spread”. Hmmm… what is wrong with this whole thing?
Number one, They never PROVE they have any such intel. It can be easily fabricated. Number two, if they want to blow up a plane, and are willing to die to do so, and have all this money and funding… why not just run onto the tarmac with a few RPGs and pop off a few as planes take off? I mean come on!! They could drive up to any airport in a pickup truck and fire off a few missles to make their point. All this is pure BS by Pistole and Napolitano. It is not real, and they have caught no one. But by god, they got that 90 year old womans diapers checked out!!! AND they complained they were soiled and that was slowing them down, “hindering their investigation”.

Next time you are in a situation where you have to be patted down… fight back… pass gas!

Yeah, buddy!!

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