Smart Meters are dangerous… take a look!

Find more here at Stop Smart Meters  the other videos here are worth watching. Please do. It may make sense of some health issues.

The  other thing is the frequency of the spikes… 60 hz average… same as your brain waves a la TV signals.

Your electric use is available to anyone… Smart Meters are surveillance devices

Smart Meters are unsafe… find out why.

It is time to decentralize

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2 Responses to Smart Meters are dangerous… take a look!

  1. mamaduntome says:

    Our government has invested “stimulus” money (starting out with $3.4 billion) that I guess go to utility companies and state commissioners to install EMF emitting “smart meters” on every building in America.
    Sounds a lot like a bribe to me.
    These meters emit EMF bursts every minute or so, 24 hour a day, forever.
    And this intrusion into your home is not optional. It is forced.
    If they know what’s good for them, anyone doing research will find EMFs harmless,
    No one in my little town in Oklahoma seems to care.
    What kind of government do we have now
    And why are we acting like sheep?

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you saying that they EMF is “harmless” or did you mean harmFUL? These things are killing anything alive, like plants that were near them. Measured Peak Radiation is not safe. Like sleeping with your wireless router under your pillow. AND, not tested at all, not on humans, and the animal trials were fatal.

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