Why should you oppose Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are unsafe… find out why.

If we were asked to drink sewer water would we? I am hoping not. Yet we let these meters be installed that emit high pulses of radiation, and we wonder why we are ill all the time.

Not only are these meters unsafe, but they also are hackable, and can tell anyone with a laptop what we are doing in our homes. Even battery operated devices are noted and reported…(hint, hint ladies!). It is also true that many of the devices have not undergone UL approval, and many are going up in flames. Not to mention the fact that the meters are not compatible if you are selling electricity back to the power company. They do not want you to do that. Very soon, all appliances will talk to this meter, and will turn on or off as dictated by the power company.

Look over the information and raise some hell over this. Remember, the power company has a 1000% markup in the energy bill. So a $100.00 bill to you cost them $10.00 and they charge you the $10.00 it cost them as well. Your bill is $110.00. What a racket!

Get this PDF o n Smart Meters

It is time to decentralize

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