Obama Drama

Ron Paul on the Budget… the FED debt is not real… simply dismiss it and move on. Genius!!



Here is a video that should be taken seriously. Something is wrong here, and we have all seen it. Obama is ruining the country and smiling as he does it.

Obama says 80% of Americans want higher taxes! What planet is he from? Washington is just SAYING anything they like.

News is not news… will Rupert suffer any consequences for his actions? The man that started all this, a whistle blower is dead. Coincidence? Or a message to others to shut up or die! 911 families had their phones hacked, and yet no one will look into Obama, his forgeries, his illegal SSN and the fact that no one ever saw him at Harvard or Occidental. No yearbook pictures, no ex-students. Something very wrong here. And he even forgot when his birthday was! Imagine that! Remember as well, Rupert kept the media from reporting any anti-Obama news and helped coin phrases like “birthers”. We want the truth only, the facts, that is not being a “birther” or a conspiracy nut. After all, even Hannity admitted the “nuts” were right about Obama’s birth Certificate.

Obama hires Laura Callahan who forged degrees and should never have passed a security background!!

Gotta love hackers!! The man needs to be impeached, but we also have to get others that allowed him to run, and those that put him there…Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reed, Kissenger (yes, really) and others.

Orange would really look good on them.

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