Over 10 Passes for Midland Odessa!!!

Do not for a minute think that this is over. This is HORRIBLE!!! The skies are filthy with dirty air. If the government was dumping trash in the streets and in our backyards we would be screaming to high heaven!! SUEing, protesting, and dumping that trash on THEIR lawns!!!

But, no worries, it is just air…

I am sure it is ok in small amounts…

It was going on ALL DAY… just have to have the nuts to look up….

Look at this mess…

This is not a natural cloud cover, but can you get the local “weathermen” to talk about it? Hell no!! You are a nut, they would say. They don’t look up.


This was 11,11,2011
They are taking away our air and our food… look at this link…

Are we trying to upset you? NO!!! we are TRYING to warn you before it is too late.

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