Pentagon Pissed

No way… you are telling me that they cant find the “marines” that were in a video and LOOKING at the camera as they peed on 3 apparently ‘dead’ men?
I do not think so!! It makes more sense that this is a Blackwater, aka Xe, psyop. They dressed up as Marines, and peed on some men, dead or not, who knows, but then released this on the net. That would explain why the men cant all be found, and even if they are, there will be no follow up.

This is just another attempt to muddy the waters and stir up more hate and violence. I know that there are some dumb fucks in the millitary, but no way are they that damn dumb. This smacks of the “shoe bomber” being led on the airplane bypassing all security. It was just a psyop to further scare and disorient the public.

I do not kow how long they will let this stay available, but it is nothing special except the moral and ethical considerations, that is if you are of the mind that war is ethical to begin with. Mega Corps are making millions on war, as long as someone else dies and they make money, all is good. War is an business of economics. War is amoral and has a dual purpose, make money and reduce the worlds population a bit.

This is staged, this is another psyop played on the American Public. Dont fall for it.

I cant prove it, but I do feel it.

What is it that YOU feel?

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