Obama Birth Certificate Hearing in Georgia

These comments are made while observing this Hearing.

This Obama Georgia Hearing is a travesty. This all HAS to be a joke.

  1. The camera was poorly placed blocking the view of the witnesses.
  2. The camera was not zoomed in on the front of the courtroom.
  3. The audio was completely unprofessional.

Obama chose not to show up. To ignore a court supeana. Should we do that, jail is the result. But the laws are not for him, they are for us.
Orly Taitz is the world’s worst presentor. She cant talk, and hems and haws all over the place. The proceedings were not heard, and the asshole next to the camera was making a ton of noise, coughing and hacking and banging something around.

The other weird thing was that Obama’s councils made some presentation that was not easily heard, and then they all left the courtroom!
Orly was not getting to the point on the birth certificate. She was boring the court, and me even. No mention of the African American vs Negro, and the fact that the hospital name was totally wrong. The name used for the hospital was not in use until the early 70’s. Her presentation, after all this time should have been concise and compelling, and it was far from that, and I am for her effort.

Now, however, I am thinking that all this is taking place just to present this to the public and have the judge rule in favor of Obama thus quashing the question forever, even though all that was presented was true. It was all poorly presented, scattered and disappointingly boring.

Perhaps, just perhaps, even Taitz is really a part of all this. By that I mean, she appears to be fighting for the truth, when, in fact, she is a puppet just like the rest. Hell, in the beginning Orly was facing the camera and the judge had to insist that she address the court, not the camera! How lame is that of her? “Ah, Ah, Ah… “. Orly needs some training in public speaking.

Orly is at the table trying to find this or that, and the witnesses are up on the stand for a few comments and then leave. Again, remember, Obama’s attorneys are not even in the courtroom at this time. They all left!! WTF? Orly was not at all prepared in the examination of her own witness for the documents.

Now they are talking about the sequential numbers of the birth certificate. No point about that was clearly made, not that I heard anyway.

They are now bringing up the point that the SSN is bogus.
The inconsistancy of the BC number is being presented… that is a good thing. He brough up the twins numbers were lower than Obama’s even though he was born before them. This is meaty, and to the point. The judge seems attentive, but is fidgeting in his chair.

Orly had no assistance, and was scattered, as mentioned earlier… she is now in closing arguments to the court. ‘Ah, ammmm, ah, and ah…ummmm”. Her points are good, the presentation is horrible. The judge finally asked Orly if SHE was testifying, and got up and got sworn in and asked HERSELF some questions!!! WTF!!! this is all a farce.
THink I am kidding, Look… she is in the witness seat asking herself questions!!!

By this act alone, and irrespective of the facts, this looks like a nut case and a nuisance suit!!! It is all in the presentation, and there was nothing impressive here. She rambled rather than simply citing the inconsistancies.

The jackass running the camera just let it go… The conversations after the fact revealed they did not even know if they were shooting “sound” ?? The guy did not even know how to shut off the camera before he started to take it all apart.
After years of research and preparation, it sure did not show well here.

The trial is over…

This is Susan, she is the one that found the SSN used by Obama is false.

I am not sure what will come of this, or when the decision will be made, but my conclusion is that this is a shame of the worst kind. I could have made a better presentation, more to the point, and dealing with only the points, not the emotions. Also, I doubt that I would have called myself to the stand. That was a circus act!!!

We’ll see.

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3 Responses to Obama Birth Certificate Hearing in Georgia

  1. Anonymous says:

    The lawyers that left were not Obama’s lawyers; the represented three Georgia plaintiffs who are suing to not have Obama on the Georgia ballet. No one showed up on the defendant’s side.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was hard to hear, and I was wondering why they seemed to be presenting things that would not benefit their client. I am a bit surprised that there was no representation at all on Obama’s side. Seems there will have to be consequences for that.

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